DAVID FAWCETT was born in Southport, England, on 15th April 1965. He is married, with three children, and lives in Tunbridge Wells. David grew up in Barry, South Wales, and has worked in London as a Notary Public since 1988.

He says: I am self taught and work in acrylic. Most of my paintings are based on my observations of people and reflect my day to day life - at home with the family, commuting to and from London, using the tube, working in an office. I often try and look for a humourous element in my paintings - a situation which can be identified with or related to. To convey this idea I have found that the title is often particularly important. If the title strikes a chord it really enhances the image.

DAVID FAWCETT is based at:

6 Queens Road
Tunbridge Wells

Tel: 01892 523121

email: gallery@depinna.co.uk