Professional Footballers Comparing Tattoos Church Interior Christmas Card More Old Women Have You Heard The Latest About Muriel Middle-aged Men Playing Football (no 2) Summer Exhibition It's Not A Race Derek Me And Eric Liddle Were Always Getting Told Off In PE Royal Academy Four Old Ladies, Two Trolleys And A Bored Dog Three Short Footballers Any Sort Of Sexual Activity Usually Brings Jeffrey's Cramp On God Have You Almost Finished Yet Discussing Men God Have You Finished Yet? (no 1) God Have You Finished Yet? (no 2) Is That A Man Or A Woman Joyce? Prematch Meal Giving Terry a piece of my mind After The Pub Crawl (no 1) Amorous Couple In Green Park And Then It All Kicked Off Art Exhibition (no 1) A Sudden Urge To Break Wind In Albemarle Street Avoiding The Charity Worker Bearded Academics Dancing Big Johns Wife Rarely Shows Any Emotion Bill's Brother Taking It Too Seriously (no 1) Bob Refusing To Track Back Boxing Day Walk Businessmen Having A Kick Around (no 1) Businessmen Having A Kick Around (no 2) But I Do Have Feelings For You Mary Discussing Beryl's Bypass Coming Out Of Church Coming Out Of Tescos Coming back from Argos The Confident Member Festive family argument Dad Looking For His Golf Ball (no 2) Dad Making An Effort Not To Enjoy Himself Dad Relaxing On Holiday Dad With Hire Deck Chair (no 1) Dad Complaining About The Charging In Modern Fairgrounds My dad had very white legs Discussing The England Game Avoiding eye contact in the lift Discussing Womens Football With Grandad Elderly Jogger In Green Park Exhibition At The Royal Academy Failing My Driving Test Failing My Driving Test B Obedient husband waiting by trolley (no 1) Getting Oil On My Jeans Going Out On Penalties Going To An Away Game Going To Play Darts (no 1) Gridlock In Aisle 3 Having A Quiet Chat About Last Nights Game Having A Walk In The Snow Highly Competitive Parents Holding The Kids Coconuts At The School Fair Dad With Hire Deck Chair (no 2) I Didnt Realise Muriel Was Such A Big Millwall Supporter I Wish I Could Have Been A Professional Footballer It Must Be Lovely To Be So Tall Its Your Turn To Go And Ask For It Back Lightweight Ball On Windy Beach Listening To The Sermon Looking At The Fish Tank In The Dentists Waiting Room Looking For Organic Apples Man On Man Sleeping In Church Man Swearing (no 1) Man Taking Ages At The Cash Point Man Talking Loudly About Jesus Mark Thompson Always Used To Storm Off Me and the man I always say morning to Middle-Aged Men Playing Football (no 1) Morrisons Muriel With Her New Trolley Next Year Were Going Abroad Noone In Our Family Can Throw A Frisbee Properly Nowaythrough One Eye Out For Dog Do One Girl In My Class Always Wore Bright Red Knickers Out Of Control Shopping Trolley Park Pond (no 1) Pauls Brother Has Got No Interest In Football Queueing For The Toilet At Half Time Referee Practising In The Mirror Referees Unwinding Sainsburys Stressed England Manager At Sainsburys Sunday League Swapping John Terry For Thierry Henry Giving Terry a piece of my mind Tescos Car Park The Boys Getting Bored The Reluctant Rambler The Royal Academy The Smiling Referee The Unhappy Substitutes Theres No Way That Was Over Throwing Apples At Dads Underpants Tour Guide Trolley Racing Trying To Avoid The Woman With The White Dog Who Talks A Lot Trying To Get Ted To Come Back Trying To Persuade James To Give Me A Lick Of His Icecream I'm going to have to turn the page in a minute Ron Under Pressure Football Managers Kindly old lady with vicious dog I wish they'd just bugger off Waiting For The Kids To Come Out Walking Back From The Beach Waiting to see someone famous Why Do You Always Have To Try And Do A Bicycle Kick Woman Sleeping In Green Park Youll Just Have To Miss The Football For Once Youll Just Have To Miss The Football For Once Castration's too good for him darling Trying to console Malcolm Work Bearded Academics Dancing