Man Taking Ages At Cashpoint London Bridge Station Green Park (no 2) Green Park (no 3) Commuters Waiting Yellow Building Workers In The Park Waiting For The Tube Tube Passengers Tube Escalators Taxi no 1 Stressed Executive On Mobile Reading The Metro Piccadilly Tube Station Park Scene Oxford Street (no 3) Office Workers Outside Pub London Street no 20 London no 59 London no 58 London no 57 London no 56 Have You Got Any Change Please Couple Kissing On Escalator Church In The City Fairly Crap Painting Deck Chairs In The Park (no 2) Weary Commuters Train Station Relaxing In The Park (no 2) London no 151 Girl In Yellow Dress In The Park Wet Tourists In Trafalgar Square West End Umbrellas Tourists In The Rain (no 2) Stressed Businessman By Hanging Basket Rainy London Street Packed London Square London Scene London Church London Bus Fast Approaching Pigeon Canary Wharf Scene Businessman In The Snow Tree In London Street Piccadilly Circus Tube (no 2) People By The Escalators Lunch Hour London Street Scene London Park High Street Tube Station Station Concourse Shopping Mall Office Workers In London Square Green Park (no 25) Exhausted Executive Commuters In The Park Two London Buses Piccadilly Tube London Taxi Trafalgar Square Three Trees And Some Deckchairs Paths Through The Park Green Park Scene Two Buses In London Walking Past The Deckchairs London Square Walking Home In The Snow Green Park (no 10) London Square In Red Londoners With Red Bus London Street London Buildings London White Buildings London Traffic Tube Trudging (no 1) Tube Passengers With Busker Top Of The Escalators London Street (no 23) Embankment Basking In The Park Stressed Commuter By Hanging Basket Outside The Pub (no 2) Delivery Piccadilly Circus Tube (no 1) Tourists In The Square By The Ticket Barrier She Never Waits For Me Cold Businessman Commuters With Amorous Couple Office Workers In The Rain London Street In Rain Office Workers In Green Park Hurry Up Edward Abandoned Trolley After The Pub Crawl(no 2) Trying Not To slip Over The Thames Piccadilly Circus (no 2) People Watching In The Taxi London Square In Winter Dropped Poppy (no 2) Deckchair In Green Park Christmas Shopping Boating Lake Green Park (no 5) Very Cold Dog Owner Thames 2 Thames 1 Park Pond (no 2) London In Winter Bloody Freezing Green Park (no 4) Commuters At Rest Large, Successful, Recumbant Businessman in London Square Oxford Street (no 2) Taking the bins out Deck Chairs In The Park (no 3) Disappointed England Fans Pavement Artist Taxi Driver Telling Me Why Hes Got No Time For Todays Footballers The Thames Walking Past The Park