Receptionists Complaining About The Christmas Bonus (no 1) Reception (no 2) Charing Cross (no 4) People In Reception Carefree Bankers On Fold-Up Bicycles Wilting Commuter By Flourishing Buddleia Me And The Man I Always Pass In The Morning Struggling To Make Conversation With My Boss Commuter With Pigeon Trying To Get A Stain Out Of My Tie At Canary Wharf Station Telling My Boss A Few Home Truths At The Christmas Party Receptionists Moaning About The Christmas Bonus (no 2) New Tie For Christmas (no 1) Reluctantly Going To The Gym Walking To Work (no 2) Waiting For The Train No 2 Waiting For The Next Announcement Tube Trudging (no 2) Walking To Work Through The Park Daydreaming On The District Line Charing Cross (no 3) Outside The Station By The Escalator Office Workers On Break Joyce With Her Leaving Present (no 2) Busy London Street Large Executive Thinking About Taking Up Jogging Lunchtime In Green Park Avoiding Eye contact Cramped Train Into London Discussing The England Game With Douglas Small But Very Dynamic Solicitor Reclining Commuter With Forgotten Umbrella After The Board Meeting We'd Often Have A Kick Around Walking Home From Work I Suddenly Lost The Will To Go Back To The Office Trying To Help Derek Retrieve His Blackberry Walking To My Place On The Platform (no 2) It Soon Became Quite Clear That Derek Knew Nothing About Football Waiting For The Richmond Train View From My Office Window Trudging To The Central Line Thinking About Life Whilst Waiting For The Train Sudden Downpour On Platform Two Office Workers With Umbrellas Escalator At Holborn Station Having A Coffee And Watching The World Go By Delayed Commuters With Pigeon You'll Have To Speak Up John, I'm Passing A Load Of Hare Krishnas Stressed Businessman In The Spring office Workers With Trolley Experiencing Severe Delays (no 2) Green Park (no 1) And Then The Small Bearded Bloke Started Humming Mum and dad arguing on the M4 The Defenceless Baguette Bald Man On The Tube Bored Lawyer Looking Out Window By The Escalators Can You Move Down Please? (no 2) Canary Wharf Making a concerted effort not to catch my boss up Charing Cross (no 1) Charing Cross (no 2) Commuter At Rest Commuters Loud conversation on the tube A very cosy journey home Delayed commuters with pigeon Dozing on the District Line Dropped Poppy (no 1) Experiencing Severe Delays (no 1) Quiet Fart Feeling Good In My Dry Cleaned Suit Getting Off The Train Going To The Central Line Hardened Tube Users Job satisfaction Large Man Trying To Get The 603 London No 1 London No 18 London No 19 London No2 London No3 London No4 London No4A London No5 London No6 London No7 London No8 London No9 London No10 London No11 London No12 London No13 London No14 London No15 London No16 London No17 London No20 London No21 London No22 London No23 London No24 London No25 London No26 London No27 London No28 London No30 London2 London3 London No29 Loud Ipod Whatever happened to Lord Lucan M4 Man Going In The Other Direction Man Watching A Mouse Marvellous Bosoms On The Central Line Me In My New Mack Metro Newspapers New Tie For Christmas (no 2) Nigel Refusing To Dress Down Oxford Street (no 1) Packed Train To London Changing platforms (no 2) Can You Move Down Please? (no 1) Polite Conversation Rainy Monday Morning Rather Uncomfortable Underpants Rowdy Pensioner Seven Years Good Luck Shut It Darren Shut it Darren! Stop This Cruelty Now Sweating On The Central Line Waiting for a taxi The Escalators At Holborn The Ticket Barrier The Escalators At Piccadilly Circus The Loud Kid On The Platform Trudging To Work Tube No 1A Tube No 1B Tube No 1C Tube No2 Piccadilly Circus (no 1) Tube No4 Tube No5 Changing platforms (no 1) Man smiling on the escalator Tubestrike Tubetrudging Very Tall Boyfriend Waiting At Paddington Station Waiting For The 801 Waiting At Holborn Station Walking To My Place On The Platform (no 1) Walking To My Place Walking To The Office Very Slowly Walking From The Station Walking Through Trafalgar Square Wiley Old Commuter Wishing I Was Still In Bed Yeah She Said Ive Got A Really Cute Bum Before the big meeting Assorted Tie Stains Completion Meeting Day Dreaming In Reception High powered executive Fire Drill Gordon trying to be flirtatious Having A Coffee With Malcolm One hour for lunch I Feel Happier With My Tie Tucked In To My Trousers John Has To Leave Early As His Wife Was Doing Chops Dirty joke Joyce with her leaving present (no 1) Moaning About The Christmas Bonus In The Lift Very moody secretary My boss has got really bad dandruff (no 1) My New Briefcase My boss has got really bad dandruff (no 2) Office Workers Relaxing Paper Jam Pret A Manger Reception (no 1) Season ticket holder sitting on briefcase Dandruff on the District Line She is extremely demanding in the bedroom Showing No Interest In Sues Wedding Photos Solicitor with still or sparkling water and limited edition print Stressed Executive By Fax Machine The Most Intelligent Looking Man In The Office The Office Party Tom Being Unusually Assertive Watching My Briefcase Slowly Sink We Dont Dance